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Ginseng Tree "Bonsai" (2')

Everyone knows the amount of time and care taking care of a Bonsai Tree can take.  Constantly manicuring every branch carefully to keep it in perfect shape.  Thats where we step in.  We've designed our Bonsai Tree to be perfect in everyway.  From the roots to the leaves you will be hard pressed to notice the differences between a real Bonsai Tree and our faux Bonsai Tree.  

  • Stands at 2' (60cm)
  • Bark, Foliage and stems designed to be as true to life like
  • Only the top materials are used to create your plant
  • Pairs perfectly with one of our baskets or planters
  • 100% free of watering or maintenance needed
  • Foliage is completely adjustable, shape anyway you desire
  • leaves


*Here at Botanica we love getting our plants out there for people to enjoy, even if for a short time.  We've worked with top realtors, interior designers, wedding planners and have even been seen on a movie set.  Whatever your Artificial Plant needs are we are here to help.  If you're interested in renting please contact us directly at