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Orchid "Aphrodite" (1'8")

We all love Orchids!  There is a reason why they are used in spas and salons everywhere around the world, they evoke a calming and natural feeling in the space.  But they've got one big downside, they only bloom for a short time and then your left with nothing but a stick in the ground....  With our remarkable Moth Orchid you'll get all the upside of owning an Orchid with zero downside, just a beautiful fully blossomed Orchid in all its glory!

  • Stands at 1'8" (50cm)
  • Bark, Foliage and stems designed to be as true to life like possible
  • Only the top materials are used to create your plant
  • Pairs perfectly with one of our baskets or planters
  • 100% free of watering or maintenance needed
  • Foliage is completely adjustable, shape anyway you desire
  • leaves


*Here at Botanica we love getting our plants out there for people to enjoy, even if for a short time.  We've worked with top realtors, interior designers, wedding planners and have even been seen on a movie set.  Whatever your Artificial Plant needs are we are here to help.  If you're interested in renting please contact us directly at 

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